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The Best Match 3 Puzzle Games For The Ipod Touch, Iphone, And Ipad

Match 3 games are one of the best suited games for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. This subgenre of puzzle games ranks up there with Tower Defense, Line Drawing, Racing, Hidden Object, and Time Management in terms of maximizing the touch controls, accelerometer and in the case of the iPad, the large real estate, and simply providing the most fun and excitement in games that are generally easy to pick up and play. Like the Tower Defense genre, the Match 3 genre has also a diverse collection of games that provide different kinds of gameplay, with the main goal, of course, still always having to eliminate tiles from the board by making a match of 3 or more. Match 3 games are among the most popular pick up and play puzzle games primarily because the objective is very much straightforward.

This article hopes to provide you puzzle gamers with an in depth look in to the different Match 3 games currently available in the App Store for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Below are the three major categories of Match 3 puzzle games including the best recommended games of each category:

Match 3 Games: Sliding

Best App Store Games: Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons, Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 and 2

Sliding gameplay is generally the original Match 3 gameplay. Various items or tiles of all sorts, ranging from gems to artifacts (depending on what game you’re playing) are spread across the board, and you are tasked in putting three or more of these items in a line in order to eliminate them from the board. The manner in achieving this objective is where the sliding gameplay enters – you basically slide tiles, swapping adjacent tiles for each other, until three or more are lined up together in a match. Some have made slight modifications to this gameplay, but the logic is still to slide tiles across the board. 

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