Online Express Free Game Puzzle

Most of the leading online poker rooms will have the note taking or tag feature of being able to assign notes to individual players at the table. Usually when you take a note the player will be tagged with a color so you will know that you left a note on the player. Keep in mind that player notes are usually not stored on the poker room's server so you will want to keep a backup of your player notes in case you have an unexpected computer failure.

By now you should be aware of the importance of taking player notes on your opponents, but I think that it is important to try and keep your player notes as simple as possible, because if and when you have to fall back on them in game, you don't have a lot of time to make sense of the note.

But what exactly should you be taking notes of on your opponents? Identifying playing style would be one of the first important pieces of the puzzle game you want to figure out. So once you get a feeling of whether an opponent is Tight-Aggressive, Tight-Passive, Loose-Aggressive, Loose-Passive, make sure to leave a note. But this information in itself doesn't tell you a great deal about someones play.

You may know that a player is tight and doesn't play too many hands pre flop, but what do you know about their post flop play. It can be very useful to know important things like if the player will bet/raise draws? For example, if you have a player note which tells you that the opponent doesn't raise flush draws, if you happen to be involved in a hand with him and he does raise your continuation bet, you can be pretty confident he has a strong hand like a set instead of being on a draw.

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