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Online Backgammon - a game of skills

As an ancient board game, Backgammon has suffered some changes during many years, which is obvious, because it has become popular in many countries. As it has passed from one country to another, people were using different materials and so the structure and setting of the board has also been rearranged. 

In Mesopotamia it was known as "The Royal Game of Ur" centuries ago and by that time it was played with pieces made of ebony and ivory, or stones. In Egypt people were playing "Senet" or "Senat"; but at the beginning there was only a particular level of society which was allowed to play this game, the aristocracy. Regular people could not play this board game, or in case they did, certain charges were applied for them. Later on, as the popularity of it was increasing, no exceptions were made and every single person whoever wanted to could play and enjoy this exciting game. 

There have been made several researches and people found different parts of the game of "Senat" made of different materials which show what kind of rules were to be applied at that time.

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