Week Board Clue Game Instructions

These controls provide a simple way of allowing users to print web pages. Instead of you having to provide instructions on how to print from each browser, just put a PrintButton on your page. If you have an invoice page for your users to print out when they make a purchase, why not save them time by putting a PrintAutomatically control on the page.

There has been a lot of trouble in Northern Ireland recently, with the worst riots in years.It seems to be quieting down lately, thank goodness.All the important folks are OK, which is the main thing, although just about everyone here who has been trying to live their normal life has been disrupted by the blocked roads.(And I got some paint splattered on my car.)

I don't normally talk about politics in this blog - I leave it to the likes of Ed to point out all the absurdities.In fact I don't normally talk about politics at all - it's too inflammatory a subject in this country, and there are just too many nutters.Folks from different countries just don't understand what's going on here, and at times even people here haven't much of a clue either.And nutters generally will make life painful for you if your opinion doesn't agree with theirs.

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